The Saga of sageCADRE

In the late 1800’s, in a town nestled in the western Appalachian Mountains, the seeds of sageCADRE Marketing were planted.

constable middletonThe Middleton family had been long settled in Wheeling, West Virginia, enjoying the familial benefits of the respectable standing of John Robertson-Middleton, the town’s constable. Rik’s great-great-grandfather, Constable Middleton, stood at 6’4”, a man of substantially intimidating height and respectable character.

It was the age of settlers and farmers, moonshiners and outlaws. It was up to Constable Middleton to keep his citizens safe and to lock up those who meant them harm.

Of course, it wasn’t all John Wayne cowboys and saloons for Constable Middleton; he had a family to raise. His oldest son, Donald, for one, had never displayed an interest in taking over his father’s role in law enforcement. Rather, he had always showed an uncanny talent as an artist and wordsmith. It wasn’t long before he realized this to be a somewhat lucrative endeavor.

As a young boy, Donald Richard Middleton began making WANTED Bootlegger-Wanted-Poster-croppedposters for his father at 10 cents per poster. The surrounding towns became interested in Donald’s unprecedented ability to take vague accounts of criminals and turn them into something tangible and lifelike– his drawings were often said to look more like the outlaw than the outlaw himself! WANTED posters were just the beginning for Donald and the Middleton family; he would go on to start a small poster and advertising company.

But, the story doesn’t end there.

Less long ago, in 2005, in a town just west of the San Gabriel Mountains, the roots of sageCADRE Marketing took hold.

The Middleton family was living in Glendale, California when Rik D. Middleton, great-great-grandson of Constable John Robertson-Middleton, responded to the call to marketing that had been set in motion decades ago. Like Donald Middleton, Rik has a natural ability to take vague, boring concepts and turn them into something innovative, with tangible results.

rik-at-adding-machineRik, the sage and principal thinker with nearly a century of sales and marketing ancestral experience coursing in his blood, elicited the aid of a CADRE of thinkers to grow sageCADRE into the towering oak it now is.