Video sample page

To make adding a new video player simple, we’ll use Shortcodes. These small pieces of code act as shortcuts for more advanced functions. In the editor toolbar you’ll find this icon  which you use to insert custom shortcodes.

Once you click the icon, you will be presented with a list of shortcodes. If you click the “video” shortcode, it will present you with a list of parameters you must specify. The values I used for my example are in brackets after each item name.

NOTE: It’s important to write these values down before you start building your shortcode, as you won’t be able to stop half way through entering data to go find information. Try pasting the information into a text document before starting.

Two examples:

This one uses values in brackets above ( width:640, height:360, vid:109169719, etc. )


This one is twice the size, waits 2 seconds before playing (DelayIn), and waits 1/2 second before pausing and revealing the image (DelayOut).